How to install door murals

Before you start installing remember that the surface MUST be clean, dry and degreased. Use benzine or another liquid containing alcohol to remove the dirt from the surface.

Tolls: wallpaper snap knife, flat squeegee, water sprayer, benzine.

You will easily install any small vinyl by yourself. Larger vinyl or those consist of several parts have be installed by two people.

This technique applies only to the surface such as glass, metal, wood and plastic.  

1. Expand the vinyl on a clean and dry surface. Printed side shall be on top.

2. If vinyl is splitted into multiple sheets, you have to lay them all down and check that there are no manufacturing defects on the printed surface (discoloration, deformation, difference in size, incompatibility of coordinated edges). Make sure that graphic motives on every sheet fit together.

3.If you install the vinyl on a vertical surface, such a wardrobe, window start installing from the top. 

4. Peel 20-40cm of the material and fold underneath the backing paper. After you remove the backing paper you can spray water inside both inner side of a vinyl and the surface on which you want to install the vinyl.

5. Smooth  the installed fragment of the vinyl with squeegee, pushing the water bubbles outside. If you want to install a bigger vinyl you will need help of a second person. One of you shall smooth the installed fragment pushing out bubbles, and the second person shall stretch the vinyl at the same time folding down the backing paper.

If the alignment isn’t correct, pull the vinyl firmly off the surface and try again.

6. If the vinyl consists of several elements, each of them shall be installed the same way as described above. Remember to match the elements, sticking them edge to edge.