Cosmos Wallpaper Murals Gallery - Galaxy Wallpaper NZ

Cosmos wall murals are designed not only for children's room, although their presence in this room will certainly awaken the imagination of the youngest. Wall decorations with motifs of galaxies, nebulas, comets and stars perfectly emphasize the modern stylizations of the spacious living room. Dark and mild colours will work even in the office. Looking for inspiration, let's look at the sky! This is where we find the most fascinating and breath taking views. Space wallpaper is a series of remarkable graphics dedicated to all brave seekers of a perfect style in interiors.
Wall Mural with Orion is a way to modern and thoughtful decorations of the bedroom and the child's room.
Wallpaper mural with a view of the Earth is a spectacular addition to the living room decorated in industrial style.
Space mission in a child's room: photos of NASA in the form of photo wallpaper. The universe in this edition will appeal to kids! Such an ornament will motivate to learn and discover curiosities related to astronomy. The cosmos wall wrap for children can appear in the interior as a classic, large-format photography, or a template inspiration. With such decoration no children will be bored in their room! Choose the right wall theme with your comfort! Photo wallpapers with space, planets, stars and other inspirations can also be found in school halls, public parks and playschools.