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The soft sounds of the piano, the touching melody of the harp and the rhythmic beats of the drum can make the mood better than the thousands of words. If you play an instrument, you do not imagine a day without music, and the memory of your phone is at the seams of hundreds of albums, this wall mural music should be on the walls of your living room. Artistically photographed instruments, surprising details of trumpet or guitars and vinyl discs make 3d wall murals transform a normal room into a realm of sounds. The colourful, energetic pattern is also a great solution for the club. Musical wall mural with a swirling disco ball will bring the atmosphere of the crazy 80s to the interior.
If you are a fan of old jazz, retro and vintage furniture, and the collection of antique vinyl records all cabinets, this wallpaper mural on the wall is an essential element of the decor in your living room. Subdued colours in the form of bronze and elephant bone, stylish furniture from an antique shop and wall mural music showing the shiny elements of the trumpet or jazz band, creates a delightful arrangement of the room. In such an interior it will also be great to present a wall mural 3d music depicting a unique specimen of a vintage gramophone with a decorative tuba.
A wide range of designs will allow you to find exactly the pattern that your teenager will like. Artistically made black and white photos of guitar, violin against the background of spreading, yellow notes or a fast-moving percussion on a colourful background - these are great suggestions for those who play on these instruments. In turn, the teenager, who spends all day in headphones, will love our wall murals on the walls presenting funny musical subtitles or the 70s reminiscent of colourful patterns with notes and treble clefs.