How to install Heavy duty wallpaper mural


Two people are recommended for the installation. 

Remember to move the furniture out of the way to give yourself room to work. Don't forget to put a drop cloth down to cover the floor and furniture around where you are working.


round wide brush or roll for applying glue to the wall, sponge or cloth, measure tape, knife for wallpapers, bucket of clean water, glue for wallpaper, ladder, spirit level.



1. Please ensure that your wall has a smooth surface, remove any existing wall coverings like wallpaper, hooks etc. Fill any holes or cracks using drywall patching/filler component following instructions given on the packet and allow to dry. The repaired areas should be sanded with sandpaper to leave a smooth, level surface.

Take all necessary precautions when dealing with any electrical switches and plug sockets etc.

2. A clean, matt surface, not glossy is needed so before installation we recommend to paint the wall with a water based primer/sealer. Let it dry completely for at least 2 hours before hanging photo wallpaper. Always follow the manufacturer instructions on the package of primer. We recommend to install photo wallpaper on a wall that is painted white. 

3. Carefully unpack each part of your photo wallpaper and lay them down in order. Examine all panels before you start pasting or trimming.

Make sure that the graphic motives on every sheet fit together. Any claims for defective(discoloration, deformation, differences in size of the individual elements or incompatibility of coordinated edges), damaged or otherwise unusable goods need to be made before installation.

 4. On the dry wall draw a vertical line in a place where the edge of the photo wallpaper will be located. You can use a spirit level or you can make your own plumb line with a weight attached to a thin string. Allow the plumb to swing freely until it is at rest before putting your pencil mark down the wall behind the string. 

5. Prepare the glue according to the manufacturer instructions on the package especially when mixing, to ensure the correct consistency. Apply glue  evenly with a wide brush to the wall. We recommend the panel is placed on the wall as soon as it is wet.

6. Using a smoothing brush or damp sponge gently press your panel against the wall, starting at the top. Use either a soft bristle smoothing brush or plastic smoother, work paper from the center out, to expel any air bubbles. Use the smoothing tools gently in order not to damage the image surface. Use light pressure.
 Carefully wipe excess of glue from the surface of the paper and from the skirting and ceiling with a damp sponge to avoid marking when it dries. Wash sponge frequently. Avoid excessive use of water, avoid rubbing too hard, which can burnish the surface. An over-saturated sponge will cause a water spot, do not scrub.

Make sure that your first panel is to a plumb line. If the first panel is at  an angle, the mural will only worsen as you continue to hang each panel.

 7. Apply next panel of your photo wallpaper ensuring the pattern or image matches up as you go.

8. When installation is done, carefully trim the top and bottom of your panels using a straightedge.